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Autoload interrupts during INHIBIT/ -1,,0

    Date: 10 June 1980 06:10-EDT
    From: RWK at MIT-MC, KMP at MIT-MC
    To:   BUG-LISP

    The current LISP still has the new bug that I reported earlier where
    Autoload interrupts are queued up rather than being run if interrupts are
    deferred...  KMP will try and track down a minimal case....
Just for the record, the case I had of this disappears when I recompile
the file in a more recent compiler. There is still reason to believe the bug
exists, however, as it is generable by hand-setting interrupts from DDT and
then calling an autoloadable function; we just don't have an available case of
it happening in software-only form ... yet. So people should be on the watch 
for this type of error. -kmp