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bug in POP? -- additional notes ...

    Date: 13 June 1980 0047-EDT
    From: Dave Touretzky at CMU-10A

    With *RSET set to T:

	(setq foo 'bar)	=> BAR
    	(pop foo)	=> #130552	;or some such random number
    	foo		=> NIL

    Shouldn't POP cry "ILLEGAL DATUM", the way (CAR FOO) or (CDR FOO) would do?

Presumably, it should observe the settings of variables CAR and CDR, which
they don't seem to. Btw, note also the following behavior ...

	(SETPLIST 'BAR '(A B))	=> (A B)
	(POP FOO)		=> #74004
	FOO			=> (A B)

Thus, if the system PLIST function breaks for some reason, you can write your
own that doesn't care about the global settings of CAR/CDR and yet doesn't
have to waste precious time binding and unbinding them -- eg,


A little bit of creativity in these situations will make the problem seem a
lot more livable.