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    Date: 20 May 1980 17:33-EDT
    From: Alan Bawden <ALAN at MIT-MC>
    To:   BUG-LISP

    I seem to remember seeing this complaint before but:

    why is (VALRET) the same as (QUIT) ??

    The only documentation I find for valret of no args is in the old
    Moonual, where it claims that (VALRET) was like (IOC Z) which certainly
    isn't (QUIT)!
There should exist a site-independent way of returning harmlessly to the
monitor. RWK doesn't think that VALRET is the optimal name -- I think that
the best name we could pick is one that would cause broken code to work again.
Anyway, I have complained about this in the past and so finally just looked
at the code. There is a label VLRT9 which it jumps to if no args were given.
It should be jumping to VLRT9+1 (or call it VLRT10 for all I care) ... Other
things like (VALRET '|.|) do jump to VLRT9, which is probably a good idea...
I'd make the change but I don't know what is appropriate on non-ITS sites.
Currently, it is at least consistently wrong (dies everywhere) ...