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New macro definers

    Date: 15 May 1980 11:24-EDT
    From: George J. Carrette <GJC at MIT-MC>
    Subject:  simple DEFMACROs
	Date: 15 MAY 1980 0425-EDT
	From: JONL at MIT-MC (Jon L White)
	it will automatically "wrap" a LAMBDA around things for the  
	sake of multiple occurrences of "x", if needed.
    A win. For even more winnage, can it arrange to be a SUBR in the
Say, I forgot to mention DEFBOTHMACRO and DEFCOMPLRMACRO.  These, along
with DEFSIMPLEMAC are defined in the file MC:NILCOM;MACAID >, and
possibly can be understood from the (minimal) commentary appearing
in their definitions.  We've been intending to release a new LISP
(XLISP ==> LISP) but one of the snags is the time to go thru and
figure out all the things that need documenting.  Anyway, briefly,
DEFBOTHMACRO makes a SUBR definition, *along with* a macro-definition
which is active only in the compiler; DEFCOMPLRMACRO makes a macro-definition
which is active only in the compiler.  Both of these look for the
key word "SIMPLE" after the function/macro name, and if present, use
the DEFSIMPLEMAC form instead of DEFMACRO form.  Limitation: DEFSIMPLEMAC
can only accept definitions of one argument, e.g.
but *not*