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COMPLR dying upon load-up for certain UNAMEs

From:     GSB@MIT-ML
Date: Mon, 6 May 80 03:54:59 GMT
Original-Date: 05/05/80 23:54:59 EDT
Subject: Re: sharable frobs
    Is there a fix in store for the problem of Lisp's attempting to
    intern things before all the pages are in?  If not, it would be
    proper to deinstall the current compiler so that random percentage
    of people whose (STATUS UDIR) interning gets an MPV don't continue
    to get scrod.
I replied to this note a few days ago before having a chance to look
at the problem, but now I've found it.  XLISP, but not LISP, has
all the system SITE symbols assembled into it, so there is no
need to do interning of a new name upon load up (same binary and dump
is now used on all three ITS systems).  Although it would be possible
to patch around the problem in LISP, it's not worth it  since XLISP
will become LISP next week.  This your suggestion, to de-install
the complr made up from SHARABLE (lisp version 1914), and just make
it up from ordinary lisp, is right on.  XCOMPLR, and COMPLR as of
next week, will of course, be made up in SHARABLE.