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I do not think LOOP should be made autoloadable, at least at this time.  At
least not until I read the documentation (c'mon GSB, proselytize me!) ...

Seriously, what implementation of FERROR/CERROR do you propose MacLisp
autoload?  There are several possible, from my SIGNAL package which converts
various MacLisp errors into signals and throws you into a debugger, etc., to
macros which turn into ERROR.  If you refer to the version which is in EXTEND,
that is a stopgap FERROR intended to be replaced by whatever more winning
version the user has.  It's there in case the user DOESN'T have ANY version.
It loses.  (Hmm, it should live in a separate file and be made to autoload,
so that it can't clobber any definition the user has loaded BEFORE extend!)