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    Date: 19 April 1980 12:48-EST
    From: Jon L White <JONL at MIT-MC>
    To:   RLB
    cc:   BUG-LISP
    Re:   defun&

        Date: 17 April 1980 12:52-EST
        From: Richard L. Bryan <RLB at MIT-MC>
        Subject: DEFUN& strikes again!
        Macroexpansion of the following code binds SUBRS to (), then does
        (DESETQ SUBRS (REVERSE SUBRS)) which is purely wrong...

    Indeed, any case like (DEFUN FOO (&OPT (BAR BAR)) ...)  is not correctly
    handled - only if a variable is being being bound to *previous* variables
    in the varlist does it work right.  This could be fixed, without loss of
    other optimizations, if anyone is really interested.
Yes, I am interested. I have this CODE-SUBST program I would like to release
but am hesitant to do so until DEFUN& starts working as documented so that I
can be compatible with something correct.