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    Date: 9 April 1980 13:24-EST
    From: Jack Holloway <H at MIT-AI>

    Besides the cogent argument in favor of a named DOTIMES
    (and it's too bad we can't flush old-style DO so we
    wouldn't need DO-NAMED), letting (DOTIMES X ...)
    mean (DOTIMES (G3453 X) ...) has the extremely nasty
    property that there is a context which wants a value
    in which you can only specify it by means of a variable,
    and not by an expression.  This is like the old
    computed-GO or STATUS-MACRO kludge, only backwards.
    If you really want that, why not use the InterLISP
    name RPTQ or something?  Or, (DOTIMES (IGNORE X) ...)
    isn't so bad...

Sorry, guys -- this was from me.  -- GLS