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    Date: 14 OCT 1980 1106-EDT
    From: JerryB at MIT-AI (Gerald R. Barber)
      1.  I started it up this morning, telling it to read my mail which it did, but
    before it was done it errored out with a "trying to read on a closed channel" error
    leaving #1/?? in the mode line for the message count.
What you mean is that it left you in the error handler when the filesystem got an error and
that happened when you "recovered" from the filesystem error.  This is a systematic problem.

      2.  It has lost all my mail from over the 3 day weekend which I am not too happy about.
    (it managed to do this before the disks were backed up this morning.)

      5.  It won't save the mail file it has gobbled.  The scenario that led to problem 2
    was that it read in all my mail, including my babyl file, deleted my mail file and rewrote
    my babyl file with only its old contents.  So now it has all my mail in its guts and
    any attempts to save the mail result in a "no changes have been made" message which
    isn't the case.
I find that very difficult to believe.  In particular you have the order of events wrong: your
new mail file is not deleted until AFTER the updated BABYL file has been rewritten.  Can you
please describe the circumstances better?  It should have renamed your MAIL file to _ZMAIL,
which would be left around if it crashed before finishing.

      3.  There is a particular message in my mail--which I can't get to because of the lost 
    mail--that causes the computation of the summary line to bomb out with wrong args to =.