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    Date: 11 OCT 1980 2046-EDT
    From: FORPAS at MIT-AI (Richard C. Waters)

    #^A reads in as 501, instead of 1.  if I had wanted 501,
    I would have typed #/A.

#^A means control-A.  "That character that is generated by holding
down the control key and typing A".  In MacLisp that is the number 1,
on a LispMachine that is the number 501.  There is no other control-A
on a LispMachine.

Indeed 501 can also be generated by #/A.  That means "A with the control
bit set".  This is the fixnum 301 in MacLisp.

If you want the number 1, then you mean the LispMachine character
called "down-arrow".  The way to get this is #/.