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    Date: Thu ,9 Oct 80 14:30:00 EDT
    From: dlw at MIT-AI (Daniel L. Weinreb)
    Sent-by: TK at MIT-AI
    Subject: Interpreted methods
    To: (BUG LISPM) at MIT-AI

    Henry Lieberman has complained that there is no way to single-step through
    methods.  Indeed, as far as I can tell, the compiler is automatically invoked
    on methods whenever the flavor system wants it to be, and there is
    no way to prevent this.  Lisp-level (high level language) stepping really
    is a useful thing sometimes; there ought to be a way to get this
    for methods.
Only combined-methods are automatically compiled.  User-written methods
are compiled or not compiled under precisely the same criteria as other
user written functions.