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Lisp machine Macsyma problems

CC: (BUG LISPM) at MIT-AI, rp at MIT-MC, jpg at MIT-MC

    LSH@MIT-MC 10/07/80 08:46:33 Re: LISPM-MACSYMA
    To: (BUG LISPM) at MIT-MC
    CC: RP at MIT-MC, JPG at MIT-MC, LSH at MIT-MC
    Error-List for CADR3,band 4,for the record,to check in next MACSYMA-version:

    Problems possibly due to LISPM:
    1)Spurious black rectangles occurs on screen (<esc>C converted,or
    totally black) 4chars wide, 1-15 high, when displaying large formulas.

    2)Various lines not drawn, like in fractions and around matrices.
#1 and #2 are due to running system 32 with the wrong microcode, which is
not compatible with it.  The interface to the line-drawing microcode primitive
was changed at one point.  In general it cannot be expected to work to disk-restore
into an arbitrarily-old system while running an arbitrarily-new microcode.

    3)On cadr3, using band 4, one can't do (disk-restore 4): it hangs.
I cannot reproduce this problem, could you give specific directions for
how to make it happen?

Can we please arrange for someone to build a new Macsyma band in the current
system?  I've recently heard several complaints that there is no working
Macsyma on the Lisp machine, that there is an old one that is broken and a
new one that is even more broken, etc.  I don't really know who is in
charge of doing this any more.