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In system 44.3, with microcode 692, on LISP Machine One:

RSG tells me that about a month ago, he used Zmail, and it deleted a lot
of mail without showing it to him.  Why did he use Zmail?  Well, it was
in the system menu, and nobody TOLD him it was undebugged and not ready
to be used.

It wouldn't have occured to me either that just because something
appears in the system menu, people would take off and use it.  Well, now
we know: they do.  Please use caution here.  If anyone wants to send an
INFO-LISPM about how people shouldn't use things in the system menu
without permission, go ahead, but I don't think its a good idea as it
will really inhibit experimentation and acceptance of our spiffy new
software among the user community.