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In system 40.1 spire, with microcode 684, on LISP Machine Twelve:

I finally got around to trying the TOPS-20 stuff -- 2 bugs:

1) If you try to login 8 or 9 times in a row, every other one gets a "Connection went into
illegal state" error. 

Perhaps more significant:
2) The default filename (in the editor) was "QFILE > LMIO AI: THIRD:" when I tried to dired
or read in a file, for example "SPEECH:<NLG.SHIPMAN>MAIL.TXT", the filename that got
created was "SPEECH:THIRD:<NLG.SHIPMAN>MAIL.TXT" with a consequent error message telling me
that two devices had been specified.

And a third one:
3) When I tried to send this bug report, FS:FILE-DEFAULT-HOST was bound to "SPEECH"; so
when I hit to mail, I got an error from the speech-closure complaining about the 
ITS filename format.

4) So I did a (SETQ FS:FILE-DEFAULT-HOST "AI") and hit again. This time it complained
that I had logged in as "somebody else". So I did a (SETQ FS:USER-ID "SHIPMN") and crossed
my fingers.