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    JLK@MIT-MC 09/02/80 05:27:25
    Typing BREAK while on a TELNET connection to MULTICS results in an
    illegal TELNET code error (on Multics).  It makes it hard to break
    out of anything.
This is the usual confusion having to do with so many meanings for
BREAK.   On a hard-wired Multics terminal, break generates a QUIT.  To
get this from an NVT, Multics expects IAC IP (Interrupt Process).  To
get the LISP Machine TELNET to send this, type [CALL] (naturally
enough).  To get ITS TELNET to send this, type [BREAK] A.  There is also
this NVT ASCII code called IAC BRK, which Multics does not understand.
You get it when you type [BREAK] [BREAK] or [ABORT] from the LISP
Machine, or [BREAK] B from ITS TELNET.  Of course, things are further
confused because the escape key is labelled "BREAK" on your terminal.
(And then, there's the break-loop you get when you type [BREAK] B, and
so on and so on...)
		      It would be nice to have a line editor when
    talking to Multics also....
Perhaps i will get ambitious and implement the previously discussed
single-line version of the editor.