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Error handler comments:
retry successfully retries, but fails to switch screens out of the error handler

recursive errors are handled ok, but it took me a while to find out about <meta>Z
Seems to me that <control> Z should just pop the one level back to the window
handler.  I only get screwed not helped by the current behavior of <control> Z

There ought to be a way to get sources in the top window (of course, everyone says).

Another possibly useful feature would be a warning associated with functions
on the stack, indicating which, if any, were compiled from non-current files.  I
got screwed twice recently by tracking down already fixed bugs, and this would
have at least warned me that someone had changed the world from under me.

I think mousing objects in the bottom part of the screen should inspect them, rather
than just typing them out.  There should be a way to mouse an object in order
to specify it as an argument to a function call you are typing (other than the kludge
of setq'ing something to * after mousing it).

On another note, I realize it is unclear what you want to do, but when I enter
the editor with <system>E, it never seems to get me back to where I want to be when
I exit it.