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EMACS dies

cc: BUG-LISPM at MIT-AI, Greenberg at MIT-MULTICS

    Date:     25 August 1980 0942-edt
    From:     Kulp at MIT-Multics
    Subject:  EMACS dies
    To:       Greenberg.Symbolics, BUG-LISPM at MIT-AI
    When I telnet to Multics from a LISP machine and run EMACS, it asks me
    what type of terminal I have.  I'm not sure what the right thing is or
    what the LISP machine claims to support (it should support supdup_output
    presumably) but when I answered the question by saying "supdup" it died
    in LISP with a wrong type arg error.
TELNET now supports SUPDUP-OUTPUT, as you apparently thought it did.  I notice
that Multics Emacs does not use region scrolling, as it should if the appropriate
smarts bit is set.

Also, your headers above are not legal, there is no hostname on one of the addresses.