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In system 37.1, with microcode 684, on LISP Machine Seven:

The editor was looping, so I hit call and then called EH on the editor
process, which I had found in CURRENT-PROCESS when it was running
and saved where I could get it later.

Inside EH I evalled something which hung up waiting for a lock,
so I typed ABORT.  This got me out of EH altogether, which is
probably not the right thing.  It ought to abort the foothold
evaluation and go back to EH, if done while a gfoothold evaluation
is happening.  A second ABORT then could be used to get back all the way.
As it is, there is no way to abort the foothold computation and stay
in EH.

Aside from that, it left things wedged.  I decided to reset the
editor and try some more things inside that process, so I said
(ed) intending to ABORT it.  However, I found that it was still
arrested from the EH.  Aborting the EH had failed to undo the arrest.

Luckily I guessed that by entering EH on it again and exiting normally
I could remove the arrest reason.