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    Date: Tue ,19 Aug 80 15:41:00 EDT
    From: RICH at MIT-AI (Charles Rich)

    The form (DEFSTRUCT (foo (:named bar)) ...)

    does not work as documented.
On the contrary, the :named option is not documented at all in the printed
version of the manual and in the on-line version (which will become the
next printed version) is documented not to allow an argument.  Evidently
it isn't checking for you giving it an argument anyway and is simply ignoring

Once, long ago, there was a :named-structure option which accepted an argument,
however giving it an argument never worked properly so it was flushed.
The name of the option was changed when this and certain other
incompatible changes were made.

Making the named-structure name different from the defstruct name will
break a number of programs and so is not allowed by defstruct.  If you really
must do it you are of course free to ASET or STORE-ARRAY-LEADER anything
you like into that slot when you create the object.