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Yes we have no EVAL server, we have no ....

cc: JIS at MIT-EE

Apparently system 36.2 has no EVAL server function by default.
I consider this a loss and a hinderance to my work (APIARY among
other things). I find it convient to be able to use a machine without
having to first walk over to it and type something on its console.
This is especially true when the machine in question is at tech sq
or EE and I am not! 

I am awhere of some present lossage caused by certain unmentionable 
people (who would actually like to be able to SUPDUP into a LISP machine
but that is another argument...). Maybe the right thing is to make
the EVAL server a little more discriminating then the old one was
(like maybe requiring the machine to be "not logged in" or "logged
in" with a flag set indicating this is ok). In any event the total
flushing of the server I consider a loss. As I bring 36.2 over to EE
I will load my own EVAL server (not as broken as the old system one)
and dump it out so I can win in the meantime...