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I had set up a floating-underflow condition handler. I called a routine which does a lot of
crunching and gets a lot of floating-underflows. When the underflow resulted from *quo, the
condition handler got called (I had put a (beep) in it); but when the underflow resulted from
*plus, the condition handler did not get called but instead the error handler was called.
I ctl-z'd out of the error handler and called the moby-cruncher again. This time, at the
point where the *plus underflow had previously occurred, the machine seized at pc=03111 with
no decimal points lit. The machine would warm-boot out of this state, but further attempts to
call the moby-cruncher died at the same spot.

1) How is it possible for *plus to get a floating-underflow in the first place?
2) Why didn't my condition handler get called?
3) Why did the machine halt the second time around?

I have since discovered the variable ZUNDERFLOW and have flushed the condition handler, so
this is not an urgent issue.