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[no subject]

    Date: Wed ,30 Jul 80 11:37:00 EDT
    From: James E. O'Dell <JIM at MIT-MC>
    To: jim at MIT-AI, BUG-LISPM at MIT-AI

        Date: 30 JUL 1980 0814-EDT
        From: jim at MIT-AI (James E. O'Dell)

        In system 32.2 microcode 674 on CADR-1
        In Input base 10.
        (setq first_num -1914869973288837242889404296875000.)
        (setq second_num 1235444629394531250.)
        (\  first_num second_num)

        gives -1, whereas
        (/ (abs first_num) (abs second_num))

        gives 0.

    Sorry, the slash should also be a backslash.
Are you sure of your facts?  When I try your numbers (editing them out
of this mail and reading them into a machine, to avoid typos) it returns 0.
Running the same microcode (674).