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[no subject]

After bringing over version 32.2 to cadr-12 I attempted to modify the
vertical retrace in tv:cpt-sync2 using the inspector. It hung with the
run bar set. I then tried to reset it "by hand" using:

     (setf (nth 8 tv:cpt-sync2) 72.)

The same thing happened. The problem is not in nth, setf, or the inspector
but something about tv:cpt-sync2. The following worked:

     (setq tv:old-cpt-sync2 tv:cpt-sync2)
     (setq tv:cpt-sync2 (copylist tv:cpt-sync2))
     (setf (nth 8 tv:cpt-sync2) 72.)

That solved the immediate problem, but it was a little wierd.