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Unfortunately, the limit to 100 octal local variable slots is known
about by fields in the Lisp Machine instruction set; it only has six
bits with which to specify which local variable it wants to address.
You might be able to win were the compiler changed to overlap
storage of local variable slots for local variables whose extents are
non-overlapping; however, this would generally make debugging harder,
since it would require more information than is currently availible to
determine, given a slot, which local variable the value therein refers
to (you would have to judge on the basis of the PC for that frame).

The nutshell answer is probably that it is hard to change this limit,
and if you are in any kind of a hurry you should break down your
function into two functions.  I know this is not very satisfactory;
maybe someone at MIT is willing to do the work to fix things up, and
has time.