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    Date: Mon ,21 Jul 80 15:46:00 EDT
    From: Batali at MIT-AI (John Batali)
    To: (BUG LISPM) at MIT-AI

    In system 32.2, with microcode 674, on LISP Machine Four:
    REMOBing a symbol more than once causes an error. It looks at
    the CAR of the package-cell-location of the symbol and finds NIL
    (because the symbol was remobed) and then pkg-find-package complains
    thet nil is not a good refname.
    	This is not compatable with MacLISP and anyway, I think that
    it should remove the symbol only from the current package.
Fixed in the source to not cause an error, but return NIL if it wasn't
there and T if it was but is now remobed, as documented.  Note that
"removing the symbol only from the current package" doesn't really make
sense because what do you do if it is inherited from a superior
package?  If you really want it removed only locally from the current
package you may do (remob symbol package).  remob can't be more exactly
compatible with Maclisp since Maclisp doesn't have packages.