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    MOON@MIT-MC 07/18/80 22:31:23
        Date: Fri ,18 Jul 80 21:46:00 EDT
        From: Zvona at MIT-AI (David Chapman)
        To: (BUG LISPM) at MIT-AI

        In system 30.4, with microcode 671, on LISP Machine Two:

        There is a (setq base 12 ibase 12) on si:warm-initialization-list. Is this intentional?
        This change should have been warned of.
    This is not part of the system.  If it is in the dumped-out band down there
    it is a case of vandalism.  Or it may be done by some program or init file
    you loaded.  I certainly hope whoever did it did it unintentionally.
Nope, this is in vanilla 30.4 immediately after a cold boot.