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cadr7 joystick mouse

    Date: 15 JUL 1980 0316-EDT
    From: cpr at MIT-AI (Christopher P. Ryland)

    I really like the force-sensitive thumbfrob (frog?) on CADR7.
    Several suggestions (which are probably not news, but anyway..): it really needs
    to have a lower profile so it doesn't get in th way of typing; I guess there's
    a tradeoff in terms of leverage.  It also seems to 'drift' a little when you're
    trying to finely move it.

as one who has to contend with that thing at least as much as anyone else,
due to its location in the lm factory:
i am ambivalent about the joystick as a pointing sort of mouse;
what happened to the mouse buttons? they are kind of useful, i hear
    (i don't use mice much, but it doesn't look like this one has
     any buttonoid facility);
i cannot say strongly enough that whatever its other virtues or vices,
    IT SHOULDN'T BE BELOW THE KEYBOARD. it is simply in the way. a
    lower profile would not help enough to counteract the awkwardness
    of having it in the way. it should be moved. possibly above the keyboard?
    i suppose that either side is to far away for fingers attempting to type.

all in all, why not stick to a regular mouse?