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Reverse-video-p, 29.95 NWS

cc: BUG-lispm at MIT-AI

    Date: 7 Jul 1980 1204-EDT
    From: Dave Andre <DLA at MIT-EE>
    To:   bug-lispm at MIT-AI
    Re:   Reverse-video-p, 29.95 NWS

    When drawing lines and bitblting in a widow which is reverse-video-p, 
    the meanings of tv:alu-ior and tv:alu-andca are reversed.  This doesn't
    seem to affect characters (although I haven't hacked with them much).
No, the meanings of tv:alu-ior and tv:alu-andca certainly are not reversed!!
There are two instance variables, tv:char-aluf and tv:erase-aluf which are
normally set to ior and andca, but in reverse video mode are set to andca
and ior, respectivly.  If you want to be completely accurate, you should be
using these variables.