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    Date: Wed ,2 Jul 80 15:22:00 EDT
    From: Mike McMahon <MMCM at MIT-AI>
    Subject:  Apparent process-lock bug
    To: GLS at MIT-AI
    cc: BUG-LISPM at MIT-AI

        Date:  2 JUL 1980 1026-EDT
        From: GLS at MIT-AI (Guy L. Steele, Jr.)
        Subject: Apparent process-lock bug
        To: (BUG ZWEI) at MIT-AI
        If I do C-X C-F, and while it is waiting in the NET WAIT state I hit [ABORT],
        then retry the C-X C-F, it claims that some lock is already locked by the process
        (the contents of the lock is a window, and so is the new value).
        Evidently the locking is not properly UNWIND-PROTECTed?
    The editor uses the normal filesystem interface, it has no locks of its own.
    Are you sure the lock contents were a window, and not a process, such as

This has been a known bug for at least a year.  For some reason Howard hasn't
got around to fixing it.