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I just came across a list of things to do to the Lisp machine
which I wrote down after visiting PARC last year.
Some of them are or might be still interesting.

1) Make the mouse blinker show it, if only a keyboard command
is allowed right now.

2) Do ^F's in multi-font files get ignored properly when
reading the file from Lisp (not into the editor)?

3) Does compiling out of an editor buffer ignore fonts?

[I recall that these used to lose]

4) Bolder window borders might look good.  Perhaps
also inverse-video window label lines.  Is there a problem
with not having fonts that look good in inverse video?

In the latest prepress, when you are supposed to type
a confirmation for a command, the mouse blinker changes to
a box with a question mark in it and no mouse commands are allowed.
Try editing a font and quitting.  I find it very effective.

The "more above" and "more below" lines in scrolling windows
might look good in inverse video also.