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Spped of new window system


In system 27.84 nws, with microcode 667, on LISP Machine Six:

The new window system is absolutely wonderful now that I am
used to it.  The only thing that is annoying is its occasional
slowness.  The system often hesitates a shade too long when
reacting to a mouse command.  Also, creating a SUPDUP window
takes about forever.  I would recommend the following things
to avoid minor but frequent annoyances.  I don't know which of
them are practical.

(1) Have a pre-computed ED window and unconnected SUPDUP window
in the cold load, which can be used when one is first needed.
These plus the initial LISP listener are often all that one needs
for a LISP Machine session, and if the cost of creating these
would be eliminated it would be wonderful.

(2) The system menu is used so often that maybe it and some of
the associated software should be locked down in memory or

(3) 90% of all system menu references go through the SELECT choice,
I find.  I suggest that the default meaning of MOUSE-LEFT-CLICK
be to go directly to the window selection menu.  In the editor,
this would not be available, much as single-right is unavailable
for the system menu.  Also, once on one machine there were escape
commands for "go to an ED window", "go to a SUPDUP window", etc.
that were super-great--those should be standard.

(4) The menu for Save or Kill Buffers is really neat.  However,
it should be more clever.  If I kill three buffers, I often
have to type three carriage returns, because it doesn't realize
that the default buffer after killing buffer j is about
to be killed as buffer j+1.

Keep up the good work!