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    Date: Wed ,21 May 80 10:11:00 EDT
    From: LPD at MIT-AI (L. Peter Deutsch)
    To: (BUG LISPM) at MIT-AI

    In system 27.7, with microcode 663, on LISP Machine Three:
    If I evaluate something which comes out as type DTP-INSTANCE-HEADER,
    it prints out the value correctly, but then goes into a (microcode?)
    loop which can only be interrupted by a warm boot.

DTP-INSTANCE-HEADER is an internal type, it is not valid for functions
to return a value of this type.  How are you managing to see this
data type?  There must be a bug somewhere.

Presumably the "microcode loop" is actually the machine halting because
of an illegal data type being found somewhere or stored somewhere.