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Warm Boot meets the New Window System

In general I feel that warm booting should not be considered the
cure all to window hangitude (as it was in the old window system).
HOWEVER, machines sometime crash for whatever reason, it is not reasonable
to expect the average user to be able to use CC to bring his machine back
to life. Therefore the machine should attempt to do something reasonable
when a warm boot occurs. I agree that after a warm boot a user shouldn't
expect the world to be too consistent, but things should at least for
the most part work well enough 80% of the time so that he can write out
his/her buffers. Just for the helluvit I did a (%HALT) from the Initial
Lisp Listener and then warm booted the machine, boom I was dead in the
water, it appears that every process in the universe is hung in a FLUSHED
state (lossage left over from the old window system) this is not
acceptable and should probably be fixed before this window system
is officially released.

			Yours in flames...