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    CWH@MIT-MC 05/15/80 01:45:26
    To: (BUG LISPM) at MIT-MC
    (*CATCH '(A B C) (COMPUTE)) in MacLisp means to catch throws to any one of
    the tags A, B, C.  If the Lispm supports this extension, it is broken in
    system 27.6 on CADR-11.  If not, then *CATCH should barf when given a
    non-atomic first arg.

This is some random feature invented by GLS or JONL; the Lisp machine has
never claimed to have any such feature.  Note that if you are throwing
out of (COMPUTE) then *CATCH is in fact never getting called (not that it
looks at its arguments anyway).

I suppose there is no complelling reason why the Lisp machine couldn't do this.
You could also implement it yourself easily enough with CATCH-ALL.