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    Date: Wed ,7 May 80 07:21:00 EDT
    From: GLR at MIT-AI (Jerry Roylance)
    To: (BUG LISPM) at MIT-AI

    Could not successfully login to CADR-6.  It would
    start snarfing files down but would randomly get stuck
    with "CHAOS buffer" in the wholine and some percentage of
    the file read.  I tried several times in all three LODs --
    the hardware might be flaky.

You were probably running a recent microcode (UCADR 661 e.g.) with
an old-window system world which does not work correctly with it.
The 27.1 that existed on CADR-6 last I checked has this problem.
The installed band on CADR-6 (new window-system), and a more
recent old-window-system available elsewhere (27.6?) have this fixed.

It is also quite likely that even in the new window-system if you
turn off sequence-breaks when running with recent microcode you will
cause this symptom, due to not having the latest version of SI:SB-ON.
Did you do so?