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  System 27.5 has a serious bug and should not be used.
Please copy 27.6 (now on cadrs 4,7,8) to any machine currently
running 27.5.
  The problem had to do with the combination of a change to
MAKE-SYMBOL and the corresponding change to INTERN not getting
made.  (Or actually made but not installed since that function
starts out as PKG-INTERN and gets moved to INTERN during initialization.).
This could result in symbols, pnames, etc getting created in
temporary areas followed by all kinds of lossage.  The recently
reported GC drop-deadage was due to this.
  27.6 also has other fixes and improvements.  It makes use of
the new microcode assisted STRING-EQUAL and STRING-SEARCH-CHAR.
This is noticable when reading large files into the editor.