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    Date:  9 APR 1980 1324-EST
    From: H at MIT-AI (Jack Holloway)

    Besides the cogent argument in favor of a named DOTIMES
    (and it's too bad we can't flush old-style DO so we
    wouldn't need DO-NAMED), letting (DOTIMES X ...)
    mean (DOTIMES (G3453 X) ...) has the extremely nasty
    property that there is a context which wants a value
    in which you can only specify it by means of a variable,
    and not by an expression.  This is like the old
    computed-GO or STATUS-MACRO kludge, only backwards.
    If you really want that, why not use the InterLISP
    name RPTQ or something?  Or, (DOTIMES (IGNORE X) ...)
    isn't so bad...
This mail was not my fault, someone else was using my terminal.