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    Date: Sun ,6 Apr 80 21:15:00 EDT
    From: LPD at MIT-AI (L. Peter Deutsch)
    To: (BUG LISPM) at MIT-AI

    In system 26.3, with microcode 618, on LISP Machine Two:
    Not only won't TRACE trace macros (which I agree with GLS is a dead loss),
    it won't trace DTP-SELECT-METHODs either!  At least it tells you....

TRACE can actually only trace symbols.  It traces macros
(symbols whose function definitions are macros) in the latest system,
probably not installed yet.  I have fixed (in the source) the brain-bubble
that caused it not to be able to trace symbols whose function definitions
are random types of functions such as dtp-select-method (it was written
years before there was such a thing as dtp-select-method).

It is, perhaps, a microcode bug that %args-info of a dtp-select-method returns
with the %%arg-desc-interpreted bit on.