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NAME server on lisp machines


    Date: 29 Mar 1980 0231-EST
    From: Michael Travers <MT at MIT-XX>
    Subject: NAME server on lisp machines
    To: (BUG LISPM) at MIT-AI

    It doesn't close its connection properly (appears to never send EOF).
This does not appear to be true.  Are you sure?  The code waits for all
packets to be acknowledged, sends an eof, waits for that to be acknowledged,
then closes.  Of course I don't know if there are old versions floating around
that are different.  Also it might be broken, because someone (I hope it wasn't
me!) vandalized the code to run in the Chaosnet-background process, which means
that it would not get any retransmission.  I've fixed that in the source.

You probably really want to use the FINGER server, not the NAME server,
as it uses a simple-transaction rather than a full byte-stream connection.