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    Date: Tue ,25 Mar 80 15:42:00 EDT
    From: JERRYB at MIT-AI (Gerald R. Barber)
    To: (BUG LISPM) at MIT-AI

    In system 26.3, with microcode 618, on LISP Machine Six:

    Typing the following after a cold bood:

    (si:sb-on 'chaos)
    (chaos:connect 'cadr6 "eval")

    returns the string:

    "Bad state: LOS-RECEIVED-STATE, Conection not ope:"
I have fixed (in the source) the two bugs that caused this plus about half
a dozen more that showed up in the process.  Thanks for the information.
Note: the network isn't clobbering packets, it's just that the routine
for copying an error message into a LOS packet was written wrong and
has never worked.