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the xgp hardcopy process is annoyingly fragile.  I have received numerous
errors, such as "went into an illegal state", or "LOS:connection does not
exist at this end" in CHAOS:send packet, and others that crop up.

the user (me) does not have recourse but to warm boot, it seems.  that
is frustrating, to say the least.

if AI is down, or there is no disk space temporarily, or other problem on
the 10 side of things, can the chaos net be more kind, and keep trying.
it is billed as a background job, but often burps up onto the screen leaving
me with the problem of trying to figure out which screen-full was lost, often
in the midst of making several difficult-to-reproduce diagrams.

Please consider making the xgp process more robust.  it gets a lot of good use,
but needs to be more kind to the user.