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the inventory has been completed (yes, finally). results in the form
of a list of parts needed to finish the build are in CADRPT;BUILD2 NEEDS.
it includes all parts needed for board stuffing, cables, and some other
misc. stuff. i think. (if anyone knows where hidden stores of any of
it are, plz speak up.)
cadr12 is currently fully stuffed except for 10pin 330ohm sips.
would responsible people (if there are any listening) plz order or
expedite this stuff?

TC: dummies needed for the rest of the build:
3 A
9 E	
10 G
10 H	
8 J	
18 L
16 M
3 N
as listed in CADRPT;PARTS >.
also, i have put together a listing of dips and their components
needed per machine; it resides in CADRPT;RC CHART.

all inventory stuff will now live in its own file in the 936 file cabinet.