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The LISPM compiler complains of the following being obsolete. The manual
doesn't list them as such and I'm confused about what to use.

EXPLODEN, EXPLODEC, IMPLODE -- What is the 'approved' way of mapping down
			       a character's print name? aref and a do-loop?

STATUS, SSTATUS -- Since the time the manual came out, I have seen new status
		   operations introduced on the LispM. The idea of making
		   extensions to obsolete functions seems odd to me.
		   In any case, I am using STATUS options FEATURE, DAYTIME,
		   DATE, and DOW. Perhaps others. What is the sanctioned
		   way of handling this sort of information or is STATUS
		   really right and the compiler message just wrong.

If compiler diagnostics for obsolete functions would just say something
like "MUMBLE is an obsolete function -- See doc on NMUMBLE." things would
be a whole lot easier to update.