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    Date: Sun ,27 Jan 80 11:17:00 EDT
    From: Gyro at MIT-AI (Scott W. Layson)
    To: (BUG LISPM) at MIT-AI
    In system 25.0, with microcode 612, on LISP Machine Six:
    In lmfont;hl12i, the system thinks the character "d" is one pixel narrower than
    it actually is, so that when one types a character after it the far right-hand
    scan column gets cut off.  I would fix this if I knew how to use fed...

This is difficult or impossible to fix.  The problem is that it is an
italic font.  In italic fonts it is legitimate for the width of a character
to be less than the width of its "ink".  In other words, the characters
are closer together than the width of their raster.  In other words,
the upper right hand corner of a character is to the right of the lower
left hand corner of the next.  But the editor tends to do an erase to
end of line before redisplaying part of a line in order to update
the display; in the case of an italic font this erases the upper right
hand corner of the last character in the unerased part of the line.
There is no good way to fix this, although there are several mediocre
ways, for instance partial-line redisplay could be inhibited when
such a font (or overstriking!) is in use.

In general, please do not "fix" system fonts or programs without prior
discussion via bug-lispm.