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there are two places in the file lispm2;window where a (tv-open-screen) is followed
by a (tv-erase) without an intervening (Tv-select-screen screen).  I believe this is
a bug which has led to problems that I've had on cadr2 which occur when there is an active
and exposed window on the color screen.  The typical sequence is that while popping down
a pop-up menu the system barfs with an error "attempt to erase past screen" (something like
that) in the function window-restore-1.

would a wizard who understands such stuff determine whether I'm right (or superstitious)
since this depends on understanding what the micro-code for tv-select-screen, etc. does.

The two fixes are in the function tv-restore-1 and in (window-class clean).

This has some importance for the ic graphics editor program so I would appreciate someone
checking this out and installing the patches, even though there is a whole new approach
to windows coming along soon.

Thanx muchly