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[no subject]

CC: kmp at MIT-MC

Some random things...

(1) Why is there no LOGIN-FSET and/or LOGIN-DEFUN ...? Those would seem like
    reasonably useful things to have for init files.

(2) I got a message from DLW earlier and it offered to let me reply -- I typed
    a couple lines and went to rub out quite a bit of it -- the reader seems
    to have given up on me in the middle of those rubouts, tho' cuz it sent my
    partially-written message when I tried to rub back over a carriage return.
    Maybe it's just the keyboard (it was sending stray characters earlier) but
    maybe it is a software bug -- I'm sure I didn't hit anything close to control-c

(3) I need the ability to do pointer arithmetic as an atomic operation without
    having to worry that the garbage collector is going to relocate the array
    underneath me -- the kinds of things it would be nice to do are:

     (+ <locative> <fixnum>) => <locative>

    It is the case that this locative will live in a variable and I would like
    to be able to declare all this good stuff to the compiler. What are chances
    of being able to do any of this?