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It seems to me that having the lisp machines list keyboard idle time is perhaps
not the most optimal thing.  For people in the vision group, it is often the case
that the programs we run are very long, for example 1 hour - 2 hours.  The problem
is that if we start up a job like this, as soon as it stops running, the console
lists the keyboard idle time as 2 hours.  If someone comes along at this time, they
will reboot the machine and start using it, thereby destroying the results of that 
two hour computation.  Although it is possible to leave a note on the machine, asking
people not to use it, it seems like it might be more optimal to have the console list
machine idle time, rather than keyboard idle time.  Is it possible to change this?
Both ELN and I have been screwed by people taking our machine, thinking we hadn't used it
in the last 90 minutes, whereas, in fact, we had been running a very large program
and were still using the machine.
		- Eric