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Re: bus strips

some bus strips for the mem and tv boards appeared in the lispm factory
recently -- the good kind with legs only at the 1/20 positions, instead
of everywhere. then today a note appeared on the white board that they
should be used to replace the kludged ones. 
unless there is gross complaint OR i see lots more of these winning bus
strips, they are going into new mem/tv boards, not into already-built ones
to replace the kludged versions. there are only about a dozen of the new
ones. even if none of them break when used, they will only fill 3 mem. boards.
i think it would be a waste of effort to take the kludges out and replace
with these winning ones, only to have to make more of the kludges for
later boards.
speaking of which, where did the more losing bus strips go? there were a couple 
of packages of them in 936 until yesterday. they should not disappear
until we get lots of the winning ones, because if we don't get lots
of winning ones, we will have to use the losing ones (a pain, but much
better than not having any). whoever took them please return them.