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    KDF@MIT-AI 10/27/79 21:38:58
    To: (BUG LISPM) at MIT-AI
    	The options of :break and :exitbreak do not seem to work.  They don't 
    cause trace to error out (why can't it just type a ? style maclisp form instead
    of bombing?), but just don't cause breaks.
They take a following argument of a condition on which to break.  If you
omit it evidently it just takes CADR of NIL and gets NIL as the condition.
I guess it should be fixed to check for this and complain.  What documentation
did you read that told you about the :break and :exitbreak options but
didn't mention that they take a follwoing argument?

If you use the trace operation in the system menu you won't be able to
input bad syntax, as it uses a menu of options and prompts you for
following arguments.