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    Date: Wednesday, 27 January 1982, 09:52-EST
    From: Daniel L. Weinreb <dlw at SCRC-TENEX>
    To: bug-lispm at SCRC-TENEX

    Disk errors should try harder to fix themselves.  It is very annoying to
    leave something running on a Lisp Machine and come back only to find it
    saying that it got a disk error and that you should type Control-C to
    retry it.  Why does it need for me to type Control-C?  (It really
    reminds me of the WAITS system message "Please type ^C".) This is
    especially a problem for Lisp Machines being used as file computers.
You don't say, but I assume you're talking about the "offline" error
on Pointer.  That error supposedly means that someone manually has to
turn the disk back on, and then type control-C.  I don't know why the
disk is turning itself back on automatically.  (Nor do I know why it
is going off-line in the first place.)  The errors that the software
thinks are recoverable don't ask for human intervention.